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Grace Eun Mi Lee

Grace Eun Mi Lee is a Korean born ceramic artist who’s known for her creative one-of-kind installations and functional pieces.


Inspirations behind her creatively whimsical designs are driven from her imagination of the details in our daily lives that don’t receive proper attention.  The personalities visible in each of her pieces is a representation of the missed details.

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Sally Ann McKinsey Sisk

Sally Ann McKinsey Sisk has been working 
in clay for over 10 years. She has exhibited 
her work nationally and has taught ceramics workshops throughout the Southeast. She grew up in Aiken, SC and received a Bachelor of Arts in Art from Furman University in 2010, concentrating in ceramics.


Sally Ann lives and works in Richmond, VA with a studio at Shockoe Bottom Clay Gallery and Studios, under the brand St. Catherine’s Wheel. Sally Ann is also the co-creator of Wheel & Plane, an artists collective, online gallery, and small editions publisher, with her spouse, graphic designer Drew Sisk.

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Scott Nolley

Scott Nolley is an art conservator working with museums and teaching throughout Virginia and the US.

His ceramic work reflects his knowledge of the fabrication and history of ceramic materials, as well as a desire to use clay to express a sense of other materials such as floral, animal and textile themes, combined in altered, traditional vessel forms.


Kitty Turner

My work is intended to be colorful, functional and at times put a smile on your face.  Some pieces are designed such that they “are a party waiting to happen”.  My pieces are intended to be used and add color to your life.


Influences over time have been great instructors, fun and interesting peers who enjoy working with clay, ideas from engaging customers and family, and occasionally an idea or two from my dog.


Creating with clay “is more fun than anyone should be allowed to have”.

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Mark Koslow

Mark Koslow is a local Richmond ceramic artist who is known for his one-of-a-kind bowls and vases.   He is passionate about creating ‘arts and craft’ style vases, cups and bowls with reticulate glaze and needle nose vases.  Mark started his career as a woodworker creating clocks, furniture and turning bowls.  Mark has been known to say “One slip of a chisel and a wood bowl is history.  Clay is forgiving and allows for limitless exploration and creativity!”

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Susan Gaible

Today many ceramic artists focus on the art rather than the function.  For me the pleasure is entwining visual images and designs into functional ware.  This heightens the pleasure and enjoyment one can have from the simple everyday experiences of eating and entertaining.  I’m all about food so to introduce an element that extends my creativity into the entire dining experience brings a lot of joy and personal satisfaction.

Michael Mastroberti

Flaws make life more interesting. A scar, a crooked smile, a funny walk, even a poorly healed tattoo…all of these flaws make a person who they are. Memory and experience build a foundation of personality that I implement in my practice. Mistakes are encouraged and seen through to the finished pots. The scars and deformities that grow during the adolescence of the pots are imperative to making pots that have a comfortable feel.

At my shows and sales, I insist that viewers pick up and feel my work, because a tactile experience is a lasting one.

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Morgan Loehr